About Us_old

With years of successful experience in development of branded pharmaceutical products from esteemed multinational companies, we gathered together and established a new company in early 2006 to provide our doctors and people with top quality medical and health-related products that are in real demand for our market of approximately 80 million inhabitants.

Growing from strength to strength; we in Rayan Behdasht Company focused in OTC (Over the Counter) and consumer health type of products which are normally distributed in pharmacies, medical and beauty shops and related retailers.

These products have been dedicating to “Health and Beauty for All Iranian Women“.

To track market needs quickly and respond efficiently , we have been establishing very good connections with health related authorities and medical associations to introduce ourselves as professional marketing persons who cares about either scientific or business aspects.

Showing our philosophy of existence, we chose three components for our name in which first is standing for wisdom and intellect, second is standing for health and last is standing for East. Assembling of these three, We strive to show our commitment to utilize experiences and wisdom to improve health and beauty in Iran, a country located in Middle East.