Business Strategy_old

Our Business Goal is to grow continuously through ethical, incremental and qualitative activities and services that make Excellent Customer Satisfaction.

Our Philosophy of Existence is Branding and Concept Development for novel products or services and marketizing them for easier, happier and safer life focusing in women of all ages.

We have approached our Partners, Customers and Related Authorities in line with below agenda

  • Establishment of a Corporate Brand image through
    • Creation of innovative customer services that brought added value to our products
    • Appropriate and timely Disclosure of Market Intelligence International partners Scientific Facts through Marketing Tools into our local customers
  • Establishment of Strong and Flexible Business Relations through effective negotiation and call management
  • Creation of a High-Touch Sales Force through implementation of experiences and management practices
  • Compliance with Business Ethics and International Business Laws and the spirit of such Laws and ethics, and the implementation of open and fair business activity