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Providing our customers with quality products and services, we have had introduced brands from below Italian, German, Spanish companies to our market. 


Total Body Suit with hyaluronic acid which gives softness and hydration to the skin and allows to reduce the circumference of the thighs and knees while you sleep


RelaxMaternity provides women with a wide variety of products suitable for all the stages of pregnancy, from prenatal panties with support bands to very practical nursing bras.

Diabetic Insole

Complete range of anti-embolism stockings specifically designed to prevent thromboemblic prophylaxis 

Medical Compression Stocking

Wide shoulder slimming west in microfiber, with massaging and modeling effect. The texture of the product with coarse and smooth areas which help fighting the imperfections.

Body Suit

Shaping body suit in microfyber with push up effect. The innovative elastic construction without seams guarantees a shaping and modeling effect on the whole body.

Brighten The Skin

Massada Whitening works to minimize the appearance of spots and irregular pigmentation while moisturizing and achieving a healthy skin appearance.

Orthopedic products

The Relaxsan Ortopedica line includes a wide range of Orthopedic and Thermal Underwear products for joints and tissues 


Oakeysì shapewear is an innovative line of very high-quality shaping, modeling and slimming products with push-up effect..

We are Exclusive Distributor of below Brands




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